No NYC Marathon…Lakewood 42.2K instead!

I have been training since July for the NYC Marathon.  As marathon week approached, my training was winding down and I was getting really excited to race in this world renowned sporting event.  Then, Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast.  Many parts of NYC were still under water and without power on Thursday before the Marathon.  I decided on Thursday that I would not be going to NY for the race.  I didn’t feel good about going there while so many people were still suffering.  It wasn’t going to be the race I had been dreaming about.  Lucky I did decide not to go because they cancelled the race the following day!

I did not want my training to go to waste!  So, I organized my own marathon here in Ahwatukee!  I mapped a route of 11 loops around my subdivision, created a time schedule for friends to join me on each loop and my family and friends did the rest!  We started at 6am and someone joined me about every 2.5 miles as a ran past the water station that Brian and the boys had set up in front of the house.  It was so much fun!!!  Monica even got me a medal and their was a real finish line to cross!

Many of my friends also donated to the Red Cross… we sent over $200.  🙂

Here are a few photos  and a link to article in the local newspaper!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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