Fall Break fun!

Our kids get a break from school the second week of October.  They start school in early August so we are all ready for this week off.  Brian was able to get the week off from work too!  Phoenix is still hot in October too so it’s nice to escape to cooler weather.

On Sunday, we drove to San Diego.  We were able to meet up with the McDermotts and watch some Bears football at Dave and Busters in Mission Valley and then enjoyed dinner at Brian’s favorite Mexican Restaurant – Fidels in Solana Beach.

Monday was all about Lego Land!!!  Sean joined us for part of the day and we even ran into our friends, the Rinaldis from home.  Vinnie and Sam are really good buddies and have been since Kindergarten.  They were thrilled to spend the day at Legoland together.  That night we ate at Oggis, YUM!  I miss that place!

Tuesday we headed up to LA to go to Universal Studios.  We played there on Wednesday too.  I was a super fun park.  The highlight for the boys was the Transformers ride and meeting Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee! 🙂

Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip.

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