Dominic playing Soccer!

Ok, so he wanted to try it again.  Dom asked to play soccer when he was 3.  So we signed him up for the team and the local YMCA and Brian coached his team.  It was torture for all of us.  Dom cried on the sidelines when a kid kicked the ball away from him and didn’t want to play.  It doesn’t help that neither Brian nor I are big fans of soccer, but we didn’t want to influence his choices.  After that season, he didn’t talk about soccer again… until this summer.  This summer he started in on us that he wanted to play soccer again in the fall.  We went back and forth and made sure that he was given all the options… baseball, swimming, football… NO, I want to play soccer he said!

This time around, we went through AYSO (  This program is great and they really know soccer since that is their only focus.  There are only 6 boys on his team and they play 4 on 4.  His first game was last Saturday and he did great!  Most importantly, he had so much fun and so did we watching him!

Here are some more photos of the first game… I will update again as the season progresses.

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One Response to Dominic playing Soccer!

  1. Aunt Carol says:

    Haley will be SO excited!!!!

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