Sleep-away camp

The first weekend of June, Vinnie went to his first sleep-away camp in Prescott, AZ.  The camp was so cool up in the mountains.  When I was dropping him off I couldn’t help but wish I could stay and play!  They had a town square with a store and snack shop, outdoor games everywhere, zip-lining, a human fuse ball court, a pool, and they get to sleep in teepees!  When I asked Vinnie if he was a little nervous, he said, “Moooom, I have my friends!  I will be fine!”  I guess my 7 year old can handle it.  *sigh* He had 5 other buddies there and they all got to bunk together!

Luckily, for me, it was a short camp.  We dropped them off on Friday afternoon and picked them up on Sunday.  The boys loved it!  They learned to shoot a bow and arrow, zip-lined, sang songs, what amazing memories they made.  Throughout each day, the camp even posted photos on their website so the parents at home could check-in.  I recommend the camp for sure.  Once a year they have the Primary camp for 2nd and 3rd graders (this is the short one Vinnie went to) and then they have week long camps for the other ages.  You can check it out yourself at

Shockingly, I forgot my camera when we dropped the boys off, but here are some photos from my iPhone (thank goodness) and ones that I copied off the camp’s website.

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