Whiskey Row Half-Marathon

Since moving to Phoenix almost 5 years ago I have heard about the Whiskey Row Half and Full Marathons in Prescott, AZ. The half has been on my list of races I would like to do ever since. A few months ago, my friend Jessica asked me if I would like to run it with her and some other friends. I was excited to go!

Wow, this race was unlike any other I have done. First of all, there were only about 500 people doing the half. Most races I do have 25,000+! Prescott is so beautiful….but did I mention that it is at 5034 feet elevation (about 1 mile) above sea level? I must have also forgot about the mountainous terrain… oh man, those hills! I by hills, I mean MOUNTAINS. The race started in the famous Whiskey Row and we started out with some rolling hills (the uphills were longer than the down), but I was thinking, I can do this! Then, around mile 3 or so we started climbing… I have never seen anything like this in my life! The grade was as steep as any hill I’ve seen (much like hiking), and then the pavement ended and we were on dirt road. About mile 5, I looked around me and every person was walking! I have NEVER seen that at a race! It was all we could do to keep going up and up and up … my legs were burning, the elevation was causing me to breathe heavy. I even wondered, will I make it? I did make it… we eventually turned around at the top of the hill and enjoyed a couple miles of straight downhill, then back to the rolling hills, and FINALLY, the finish line!

Of course my friends and I know how to celebrate a girls race weekend and we went to the hotel hot tub to relax and eat. Then we took a quick nap and hit the town to enjoy the cool saloons along Whiskey Row. What a great weekend!

So, a few people have asked me if I would do it again… at first, I said NO WAY! After a few days, I think I would. I love a good challenge! 🙂

Here are some photos of me and my girls from the weekend.

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