Pat’s Run

For those of you who don’t know who Pat Tillman is, he is a local and national hero.  He played football (number 42) for the Arizona State Sun Devils and then went on to play for the Arizona Cardinals.  After 9/11, he quit the Cardinals, enlisted in the military and was deployed.  He didn’t return from the war.

Since 2005, The Pat Tillman Foundation has sponsored a 4.2 mile run and .42 mile kids dash that ends in Sun Devil Stadium.  This was my 4th year running this race.  I enjoy it every year and so do the boys!  This year, even Marge was here to join in on the fun.  We were also lucky to be there with a bunch of our friends and about 34,000 other people.  🙂  Find out more about the Pat Tillman Foundation here.

Here are photos from the day!  (and if you are wondering why the Nissan shirts?… our friend, Jason works for Nissan and we joined their team.  Wouldn’t you for a free race shirt? 🙂  )  Get a larger view of the photos and watch them in a slideshow by clicking on a photo.

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