Collage Cubes

In the Spring/Summer Idea Book there is a new product called the Collage Cubes.  They looked so cool so I just HAD to try them!  This was surprisingly easy to create. You can see the CTMH example too by going to my website, click on Products – Idea Book – go to page 120.  The cubes and tray are $14.95 plus shipping and tax.  You decorate them with whatever photos, stamps, stickers, papers, etc.  This makes a great gift!  **Hint Hint** think Mothers Day.  🙂

Here are some photos from my first attempt.  There are 6 sides.  Vinnie has a blast with this because he likes to mix it up and make funny scenes.  😉

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The photos are from our trip to Legoland for Vinnie’s birthday in October 2011.  The photos are all of him and his first friend, Sean.  They hadn’t seen each other in over a year, but wasted no time at all and had a blast together!

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One Response to Collage Cubes

  1. Carly Klessens says:

    This is so neat! Looks like a project I will have to attempt sometime!

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