Take me out to the Ballgame

I find it appropriate to write about baseball today since the Diamondbacks have their season opener.  I don’t really want to talk about the Diamondbacks though… I was thinking more about Ahwatukee Pony League Pinto and Shetland Divisions and specifically the Angels and the Diamondbacks.

Both boys are deeply entrenched into their Spring baseball season.  This is Dominic’s 2nd season in the Shetland Division as a Diamondback.  He is really good at throwing his glove in the air while playing outfield, seeing airplanes go by and looking for lady bugs in the grass.  I’m not kidding about those things…but, he also is working really hard with Brian to improve his throwing, catching and batting.  Last night he had a great hit off the pitching machine!  In his division, they get 3 pitches and then they bring out the T to hit off of.  He was very proud.  His running he DID NOT get from me.  We need to work on this.  Here is a photo of him from his Opening Day game on March 24th.


Then there is Vinnie.  He played his first season of baseball in the Fall of 2010.  He is now playing in his 4th season with the same team with the same coach.  He is in the Pinto league now where the pitches are faster and they strike out.  He has always enjoyed playing with this team, but he has never really been very good.  Luckily, these boys always have each others’ backs.  They never pick on each other and he never felt like he was one of the weaker players.  This season, Brian has been working with Vinnie during the off season and just about every day on his batting and other skills and he attended a batting clinic in March.

The first few games of the season, Vinnie got a couple hits.  We were thrilled!  I think he only got 2 hits the entire season last year.  Last night, he had 3 hits for his 3 times at bat.  His second hit was a TRIPLE!!!!!!!  After the game, Coach Scott presented Vinnie with the game ball.  He is playing well in the field and is one of the most consistent batters on the team!  His improvement is amazing.  When the other parents come up to Brian and I telling us how awesome Vinnie is doing… I can’t tell you how proud we are of him.  He has worked so hard.  It’s such a great feeling to see that pay off.  Go Vinnie go!!!!  Here is a photo from him on Opening Day in March.


And here is MY TEAM on opening day.  Love these guys…


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